Friday, March 25, 2016

Ideal for Halong Bay Tour on Lavender Cruise

Lavender Cruise halong Bay

This cruise was great for checking out Ha Long Bay - a whirlwind tour of a few of the quieter islands, which included kayaking and a cave hike (both make for some excellent FOMO-inducing photographs). In between the activities, the HILARIOUS (Smiley, Jason!) Halong Lavender Cruise crew fed us some pretty phenomenal food and you can't help but feel pampered with the private hot tubs overlooking the Bay. Shout out to Alex for being incredibly friendly and answering all of our questions about Vietnamese culture and about the crazy islands all around us! There isn't much else to do besides soak in the sights, so I definitely recommend just the one night, but I'm not one for chilling on a cruise ship for too long. But, for those interested, the cruise ship has been in commission for two years and features private and public hot tubs, a sun deck, some exercise bikes, and really, really nice rooms! 18-20 year olds be warned: there's no wifi, and it's not an unlimited booze cruise

Staff and Lavender tour is Great

We got picked up in the luxury van from our hotel right on time. The van was in superb condition and comfortable. On arrival they had changed the boat we were meant to travel on to the dragon legend 2, however, the change was an upgrade and the room was huge! The bed was comfortable and the shower was hot. Initially we were disappointed as we had chosen the other boat for the dinner in the cave as we were on our honeymoon, however, the staff were wonderful in looking after us and they still managed to take us to the cave for dinner and gave us a gift. Allan played the flute in the cave which was really special. 
Our tour guide Kenny was great, Harry Potter and Paul scholes looked after us well. 
We will definitely come back in summer.

Ideal for Halong Bay Tour on Lavender Cruise


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